Over the years modifications have been made at Huialoha Church. The mauka (mountain) side door was removed in 1942 and a window put in its place, only to have the door put back in the late 70’s. At one time the interior side walls had been covered with panels made of Canec, a fibrous material made from bagasse, a byproduct of the sugar cane milling process.


Most recently, two restoration projects were undertaken, the first in the late 1970’s and the second starting in 2011.





Carl Lindquist, a Hana entrepreneur, approached  Soot Bredhoff, then Manager of Kaupo Ranch and Moderator of Huialoha, proposing that a Hawaiian Christmas concert featuring Eddie Kamae and The Sons of  Hawai’i and the Honolulu Boys Choir be filmed at the Huialoha Church. As it turned out this project was not fulfilled but it was decided to raise funds for a restoration project since the church was falling into disrepair. Two Concerts were held, one on Oahu and one on Maui featuring Hawaiian entertainers such as The Sons, of Hawai’i, Genoa Keawe, Leinaala Heine, the Beamer Brothers and Iolani Luahine. The people of Kaupo sang some of their Hawaiian church songs as well. About $10,000 was realized as well as additional donations from all over the state. The renovation included repairs to the walls, a new roof, bell tower, steeple, gable ends and windows and new paint. Many wonderful volunteers from Maui and companies throughout the state contributed to this effort. The rededication service was culminated with a luau at the church on Easter Sunday, 1978 with the Reverend Bill Kaina officiating and the Sons of Hawai’i providing entertainment.




With the church again needing restoring, Victor Kidd, the minister at Wananalua Church in Hana and part time Kaupo resident, Stephan Lefebvre, generously took it upon themselves to begin this project. Work proceeded on replacing the floor with many volunteers participating. Sadly, during this phase of the work Stephan died and eventually Reverend Kidd returned to the mainland. Soot Bredhoff stepped in and oversaw completion of the restoration work. With generous donors and grants, Ram Pacific Roofing and Waterproofing, Inc. and many volunteers. The project was finished in 2015 and celebrated with a rededication ceremony.



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Huialoha Church, Kaupo, Maui, Hawaii